Praise and pants

Every time I go into M&S cafe for lunch I get complimented on my children. Last time I was there, an amateur philosopher (eccentric grey-haired man of the type exclusive to Cambridge) commented –  in Latin no less on my mother/son bond. Today Peter, Megan and I were enjoying a cheese sandwich when a lady came over to say what a good job I was doing with the children. Then when she found that I had another one not present at the time I thought she might pop with admiration. Alright Megan was on a smiley charm offensive and Peter’s table manners were top notch, but I do wonder whether it is indeed less down to my particular aptitude and more something peculiar to M&S shoppers… a keen eye for a bargain and a commendable family unit.

On another note – have you seen the price of pants recently? nearly 40 quid for 6 pairs of the husband’s preferred undergarments…


2 thoughts on “Praise and pants

  1. hmmmm, I’ve only been in the M and S cafe once recently and the entire cafe seemed to put down their tea and watch me struggle to breastfeed my 4 week old (as discretely as I possibly could, I might add) and 3 people came up to me afterwards to comment on my older child’s colouring or to “thank me for breast feeding in public” – nowhere else but good old M and S hey? I found it slightly bizarre.

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