identity crisis

“hello and what do you do?” has to be the most boring conversational opener I can imagine. Many’s the time I’ve been asked this question at a party (we’re going back a few years now) and nothing makes me want to end the conversation with the asker more. It’s mainly because, as queries go, it’s about as revealing as “would you like a cheese or ham sandwich?”

Say the answer were lawyer, (not that it ever would be) that would tell the person not a stitch about me. Lawyers, like the rest of us, come in many shapes and sizes, from all walks of life and from both ends of the personality spectrum. Surely a more worthwhile talking point would be “who are you?” or better yet, “who do you think you are?” Now those replies would be worth a listen – unless of course the answer is still a lawyer with a preference for cheese toasties.

Who do I think I am? Watch this space, I’m still a work in progress… but the last five years have gone some way towards shedding light on the question. I’m three people’s mother which automatically makes me four different people. One for each kid and the one I’d like to be.

Which reminds me of a game of Guess Who the kids were playing recently in which Peter kept asking the same question over and over: “has your person got ears?” Needless to say, he didn’t win.

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