news blackout?

Help me out on this one. I listen to the radio in the background all day – makes me feel like there’s another adult in the room, and how else will I keep up with the latest music? Hmm, well that one’s debatable since Radio 2 is so firmly embedded as the sixth member of this family that Poppy sings the jingles and likes to say “Pop Master with Ken Bruce” at random intervals.

But my question is this. Should I turn off the news bulletins when they come on every half an hour? The news, by its nature, doesn’t usually contain the most pleasant subject matter. And since the kids are like little sponges at the moment – soaking up every snippet of information round them, I’m often having to answer questions like, “who shot who in the head Mummy” and “why did that person have to die?” over the breakfast table. I wouldn’t let them watch or listen to fictional horror stories, so should I subject them to equally sordid headlines that happen to be true? And if I don’t am I being overly protective? Discuss…

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