An open letter to 2013

Well hello 2013. Nice to meet you. I hope you’ll be as genial as your friend 2012. I was on pretty good terms with your predecessor so you’ll have to be going some to put on a better show than that. It did give us the Olympics for goodness sake – what have you got up your sleeve? You could throw in a little less rain and a lot more barbeque weather. That would curry you some favour, if you’ll pardon the mixed culinary references. This housewife was pretty content with her lot in 2012 so let’s see how you shape up.
Speaking of shaping up, let’s start with a few resolutions or ground rules as I like to call them. There defo has to be more fitness and sporting activity. Watching medal ceremonies will no longer cut it. Reading will be high on the agenda and only real books will be acceptable. Facebook status updates do not count. Time will need to be savoured and not just spent, and admin will need to give way to adventure… just a tiny bit. Oh and let’s try not to lose things this year… tempers and patience are best hung on to in my experience, impossible as it may seem sometimes.
So cheers 2013 – here’s to a good one.