Toddler talk

Now it may be a little unflattering to compare one’s 1-year-old with a televisual do-gooding dog from yesteryear, but Megan does have distinctly Lassie-ish tendencies. She’s always trying to tell me something.  

I spend my days trying to interpret her various noises, nods and gestures and returning them with my own ”oh really”s and “how interesting”s Megan… She hasn’t yet mentioned that she’s discovered little Tommy Tucker in trouble down the old mineshaft, but she can tell me that she has filled her nappy, via the dual medium of pointing to her bottom and saying “oo”. Of course most of her chattering is the sort of loveable babble that only the finely-honed ears of a mother can translate, but we’ve all got to find our voice somehow and the two of us can converse for hours in our secret Lassie language.

I just wish she could solve the great ongoing mystery in this house… which one of the ice cream tubs in the freezer actually contains ice cream?



you are what you wear

It seems you are what you wear as much as what you eat… Well at least when it comes to jeans that is. Perusing the racks in a not particularly fashionable or expensive clothes shop I thought I would look for a new pair of jeans since the late winter wind blows a gale through the holes in the knees of my current pair. I couldn’t seem to find the pair to suit me. Super Skinny? No way, only the actual super skinny should be seen in them. Boot Cut? Not necessary for a trainers kind of gal. I don’t feel like With Flare really sums me up either. So I settled for a lifestyle as well as a trouser choice. Slouch! Well, if the jeans fit…