behind every great man?

Now the keen eyed among you will have noticed that I am what can only be described as a feminist. I’m sure you’re thinking, hang on, I’m sure she only started this blog up all those years ago to have a witter on about being a mum, nappies, breast pads and all that, but a few years on and all she seems to bang on about is feminist stuff. True – that does seem to be a preoccupation – but somehow in my line of work it seems to be part and parcel of the job.

Today my little mind is musing over the fact that more often than not, the female half of a television duo must stand literally a shoulder behind her male counterpart. There are many examples of this, from Children In Need’s fundamental need to see Tess Daly literally cowering behind the mighty frame of Terry Wogan… (for mighty, I’m afraid, read doddery and past his useful televisual life) right up to date with Caroline Flack standing a shoulder’s breadth behind Olly Murs. Now I’m sure Olly Murs is a lovely chap and all that, but Caroline Flack has been plying her stock and trade as a TV presenter for more years than Mr Murs has served up medicore Madness-esque pop fodder, and yet in this, his first year as Mr X Factor, she has to stand literally a shoulder behind him, delivering the secondary lines about people being voted off, evicted, or whatever. Caroline Flack is a proven asset, smart, witty and capable of winning Strictly all on her lonesome, but yet, here she is lurking BEHIND Murs, an amiable bloke, with no record as a TV presenter, even reportedly last week giving the game away about who was being obliterated or whatever, before the votes were properly in. Next time you watch on Friday or Saturday night, check out the positions of the presenters. Dare the female creep out from behind the male on primetime TV…? I doubt it.
One day maybe Fearne Cotton will shuffle a pace forward to eclipse Bruce Forsyth or Davina McCall may well elbow Dermot O’Leary where it hurts just to nudge her shoulder in front. Or why can’t they just stand alongside? Would that be so terrible? No one insists that Dec stands behind Ant. Maybe he should know his place too…
At least on the world stage, Angela Merkel seems more than capable of shouldering David Cameron out of the picture – at least she’s less likely to give the game away about who will be booted out of Europe next…

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