Where have all the brunettes gone?

Just a passing thought really. In the early 90s wwinonahen I was an impressionable teenager all my favourite people had brown hair. Wonderfully rich, dark, brown hair. And that’s what I wanted too – to which the many wash-in/wash-out dyes purchased from Solihull Superdrug would atest.

Think Winona Ryder, Justine Frischmann, Louise Wener, the girls from Lush and The Breeders – plus Isabel Adjani, Little Joey Potter and the woman who played Juliet in Zepherelli’s Romeo and Juliet (I would have killed to look like her).

I look around today and I can’t find them any more… Maybe Kate Winslet’s pre-Millenium soggy hair-do in Titanic was the last hoorah for the brunnette. As a confirmed blonde since 2000 her career has shown no signs of taking a dive.

There will, no doubt be exceptions that I can’t think of right now. All I can see is a Hollywood cloud of ash blonde: Kate Hudson, Diane Kruger, Kate Boswell, Gwyneth Paltrow, Michelle Williams, Britany Spears, Taylor Swift and more. Plus many, many children’s TV presenters. Jennifer Lawrence could be that exception but is more likely to be seen with a blonde do these days than being true to her roots.

So where are the brown haired girls hiding?