Lucy who?

A post in which I write the word Lucy a few too many times.

Since packing all the children off to school in September I have become many different people. Here are just a few versions of me:

Friendly Lucy # This Lucy jumps at any opportunity for child-free caffeine. Household tasks are put firmly on the backburner while she single handedly keeps the local cafes afloat.  Flushed with new-found freedom she meets old friends and convinces newbies from the playground that they want to drink coffee with her too.

Me-Time Lucy # Mostly just more of the above, but this Lucy sometimes travels further afield to seek solo caffeine experiences. NB may also involve bookshops or National Trust properties.

Shopping Lucy # This Lucy equates shopping with freedom. Not that she ever buys more than a few fish fingers, hamster provisions or charity shop bargains. Still, time spent in a shop (any shop) is time away from offspring and responsibility. Plus Shopping Lucy doesn’t ask herself to buy an overpriced comic every time she sets foot in Tesco.

Getting-the-job -done-Lucy # This Lucy is responsible for a brief and exhausting period in which a whirlwind of household chores are actually completed. Getting-the-job-done Lucy quickly gives up on this idea after she realises that the job never actually gets done. Clothes get dirty again, dishes pile up next to the sink again, wee appears around the toilet bowl again ad infinitem. (see also the opposite: Procrastination Lucy)

Volunteering Lucy # This Lucy feels guilty about being all the above Lucys and signs up for more volunteering roles than she has hours in the day to fulfil.

Pie Lucy #  This Lucy has aspirations to be the new Mary Berry but probably comes off a bit more Fanny Craddock. Pie Lucy makes a decent mincemeat, chicken or apple pie, and isn’t in the least bit bothered when her children ask for something to eat that doesn’t involve pastry.

Active Lucy # Probably in reaction to Pie Lucy’s butter intake, Active Lucy likes a burst of Zumba or swimming from time to time. Only a short burst mind you, as during exercise Active Lucy’s face goes burgundy and needs a good five hours before it feels less hot than the sun again. Active Lucy is often bullied into inaction by Lucys 1-3 in the above list. NB Active Lucy is weak.

Leaving-the-house-for-the-sake-of-it-Lucy (or LTHFTSOIL for short) #, does exactly what it says on the tin. A close friend of Procrastination Lucy, this one will do anything to avoid being behind her own four walls.

Not-wanting-to-leave-the-house-Lucy # is the opposite of LTHFTSOIL and for some reason, some days, can’t wait to drop off the kids, get home and close the door and not open it again till school pick up. Not-wanting-to-leave-the-house-Lucy is probably not as much fun as some of the other Lucys.

So that’s just a few of the versions of me. There are others I could mention, Gin Lucy, Church Lucy,  Double Standards Lucy, Pop Master Lucy, Needlessly-stressing-about-being-late-Lucy also deserve a mention, but I fear if I go on, I may give you an unwelcome glimpse inside my brain.