I haven’t written anything here for ages. There may be digital silence, but my head swims daily with thoughts of frivolous things, angry things and more. I comment on the news inside my own mind as if I’m a speaker on a talk show.  I quip with myself like I’m a guest on a panel show. I spew criticisms and plaudits alike at the world around me as if my opinions matter, but it’s inaudible if you’re not actually in my head. Sometimes that’s for the best…

Have I not written because I’m lazy or  because I’m busy. Do I lack imagination? Am I too tired, too distracted? Is it that I haven’t the confidence that the words I write will adequately represent what I want to say, or is it because I think no one will listen anyway?

Whatever the answer, it’s very echoey inside my particular chamber right now. If only for my own sake, it’s probably time to follow the light back to the outside and write… Watch this space.