EU referendum? It’s child’s play


I’ve long been puzzled by the lines from popular children’s rhyme, the Hokey Kokey. What if that is really what it’s all about?*

Philosophically speaking, the hokey kokey seems as good a theory as the rest… existentialism, metaphysics and the like. At least this way we can all lighten up a bit, get some excerise, bend our knees and shout ‘rah rah rah’.

Which brings me very nicely to the subject of the EU referendum. So many people, already accustomed to shouting ‘rah rah rah’, getting hot under the collar deciding IN, OUT, IN or indeed OUT. Though the thought of Ian Duncan Smith shaking it all about is an image I’d like to unsee.

The referendum campaign is not unlike the children’s ryhme. And just like the kids the  Left and Right arms of the various parties are gloriously out of sync with each other.

Certainly the bad behaviour on both sides of the argument would not be out of place at a six-year-old’s birthday bash –  and it looks like the party guests have been hitting the Fruit Shoot hard.

Picture the scene, probably at a soft play somewhere in the home counties: Cherub-faced Dave is feeling like his 6-year-long party is being spoilt by his ex-mates: little Nigel is standing next to the trampoline imposing a strict ‘one on/one off’ policy, Mikey Gove is correcting the appauling grammar of his inferior peers, while a sweaty-faced Boris is overtired and starting to show off.

Little Georgie Osborne sticks closely by Dave’s side and is left wondering how big a piece of the birthday cake will be left for him when the party is over.

I think little Dave may be regretting sending the invitations out.




*IN- that’s what it’s all about.